PictureNET Africa (Pty) Ltd. terms
All digital images appearing and available on the PictureNET Africa Web site are the property of PictureNET Africa and its Photographers and are protected under South African and International copyright laws. Photographs may not be used in any form, even on the Internet, without a licensing agreement. Unauthorised usage is a violation of the Copyright Law and violations can be prosecuted.

Most images from PictureNET Africa are sold without model release forms and it is upto each user to ensure that they contact people depicted in the photos prior to utilising them for advertising. PictureNET Africa will under no circumstances be held liable for in appropriate use of images.

All information appearing on these web pages is provided on the understanding that the user indemnifies PictureNET Africa against any claim by a third party arising as a result of the users's usage, publication or broadcast or presentation of a form of the service supplied by PictureNET Africa that was negligently and/or inaccurately edited, abbridged or summarized by the user.

All information regarding PictureNET Africa's services, or agencies represented by PictureNET Africa is subject to change without notice.

The terms and conditions pertaining to any services appearing on this website shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of South Africa and using any of the services offered on this website will constitute your consent and submission to the jurisdiction of the South African courts regarding all proceedings.

This page is available on http://www.picturenet.co.za/legal.html
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